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I am a very strong believer in Vascon. In terms of quality and finish we have always received more than what we have expected from Vascon. And in terms of monetary appreciation we have done extremely well. Vascon certainly commands a premium.
I have been associated with Vascon for quite some time and I have seen how they have emerged to be one of the best quality construction companies. They are very conscious of their responsibility to the environment. This is one company which always makes innovative use of new technologies. They were the pioneers to use organic technology. I don't remember any project which they have started and not completed as per the promises that they have
The motto of Symbiosis is "Passion for excellence" and I am glad that Vascon also shares this passion for excellence. What I like most about Vascon is their commitment to the client. They are known to construct buildings within the agreed time. They are so committed to the promises and assurances which they give. I am sure in the days to come, just as Symbiosis has become global, Vascon too will become a global company.
The PTC project team has always believed that Vascon understands the IT industry very well. Whenever we have made any unique demand, more often than not, they have surpassed our expectations.
I have known Vascon for nearly two decades. After so many years of association, I believe that they differentiate themselves from others for three reasons. One, the quality of work is incomparable, it is par excellence. Their delivery is superb; they always deliver the before their promised date. And thirdly, price-wise they have been extremely reasonable.
Our experience with Vascon has been a very very happy experience. They are not only very sincere and honest but also very transparent and technically qualified. Their clients have a word of praise for Vascon because of their time-bound delivery and quality construction. We will associate with them for many more projects because of their very professional, honest, transparent
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